What’s Special in Every Season in the Hudson Valley

The ever-changing seasons bring forth a rhythm to our lives and influence all that happens at Thyme in the Country, both on our farm and at the bed and breakfast.  Month by month as the seasons change, so does everything that we do here at our B&B.  The menus, the decor, our gardens, the activities, the community offerings, the animals, the guests, our work, our intentions, our helpers.  Everything is affected by seasonality, and this page gives you the latest indication of what you can find happening when you come to visit us in Hudson, NY.  It helps you plan when you would like to visit. It will help you pack, your snowshoes or your dancing shoes.  You won’t just miss the latest ripe fruit to pick or an old-fashioned non-commercial children’s festival.  Pick your favorite season, and take advantage of what the area is offering


The end of summer is upon us!

Our organic gardens are still giving us corn, peaches, and juicy, ripe tomatoes. Perfect for salsas, fresh salads, and breakfast dishes like quiche, or peaches and cream.


Our concord grapes are ripening. Soon, we will make wine and fresh juice, to be served hot like a tea.



And, of course the beginning of September marks apple season!

Join us for homemade applesauces, pies, and more.