Bill Paradis, Thyme in the Country’s Windfall from Maine

Farmer kneeling beside a gardened weeding in spring time weather

spring weeding


Things are looking up for our farm once again!

Thanks to our new Gardener Extradonaire Bill Paradis from Maine.  

Such a long winter, but its over and everything seems to be rejoicing.  

Flowering bulbs, early spring crops, asparagus for breakfast, cream  of sorrel and nettle soups, lettuces and spinaches emerging from seed in the garden beds.  There is a lot to do but we have a new Gardener and he’s on it.  Sifting soil, turning over the compost, setting up the plants in the greenhouse (it’s been chilly).  Mowing, using the cut grass to protect the freshly planted seeds.  Weeding the herbs, weeding the flower beds, so much weeding.  Come celebrate spring and immerse yourself in the bright, colorful quickening  at Thyme in the Country

farmer weeding vegetable garden with a weeder on wheels

First stages of garden work

Man kneeling in a garden pulling weeds in the spring weather

Weeding continues


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