last glimpse of winter on our pond at sunset

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Love makes every season turn

Love makes every season turn

As chilly and bleak as the end of winter may seem, there is much anticipation as signs of spring turn up everywhere. Late winter is special too. Take a moment, bundle up and head our way to experience the last cozy month of winter and take a walk in one of our many wonderful conservation areas.

Don’t hurry spring
the wind still trembles
in the empty trees
and dead geraniums stand still
in Spanish Harlem window boxes.
Another week perhaps
when skaters leave the pond.  Now for awhile longer
we can have the park to ourselves.
I need a while more with you just now,
there are some things
I don’t yet know.  Do you like the color blue
do I worry you when I frown
where were you
when I was growing up and needed somebody?

Rod McKuen
-from “Stanyan Street & Other Sorrows,” 1966

Columbia County Conservation Areas
Borden’s Pond Conservation Area
1628 Rt 203, Chatham
Drowned Land Swamp Conservation Area
653 County Route 3, Ancram
Greenport Conservation Area
54 Daisy Hill Rd, off Joslen Blvd, Greenport
Hand Hollow Conservation Area
387 Gale Hill Rd or 4079 County Route 9, New Lebanon
High Falls Conservation Area
540 Roxbury Road, Philmont
Ooms Conservations Area at Sutherland Pond
480 Rock City Road, Chatham
Round Ball Mountain Conservation Area
503 Carson Road, Ancram
Schor Conservation Area
58 Cemetery Rd, Canaan
Siegel-Kline Kill Conservation Area
1452 County Rt 21, Ghent

Cold Days, Hot Tea


We serve this delicious hot tea in the afternoons during the wintery months and guests are always asking for the recipe.  For anyone needing perking up mid day this drink will do it.  Use a lot of ginger, honey and lemon juice.  We call it the Elixer of Life as it can cure just about anything that ails you, at least for a little while.

Hot Ginger Tea

About 1/3 cup of chopped or grated ginger

Juice of 2 lemons

4 Tablespoons of honey

2 quarts of boiling hot water.


Place all ingredients in a large jar or teapot, covered,  to steep about 15 minutes.  Stir well and strain each cup thru a sieve when serving.  Leave the remaining pulp in the teapot and add more water for another batch as the ginger will still have enough flavoring power and your tea friends will probably want another cup.

“Come in from the cold” package

purple chair blanket and apple core“There’s no bad weather only the wrong clothing!” Dress warmly and come to Thyme in the Country for some winter fun. We make it special for you by providing a Beautiful, Local, Organic, Hard Cider, Pickled Veggie and Cheese plate, free tickets to tour Olana Historic Site, a free drink at our local gastro pub, discounts to skii at Catamount and lots of warmth when you come in from the cold. Mention “Winter Special”  when you book your reservation to receive this discount.  Room rate and extras for $165.00/night plus tax

My Favorite Winter Activity is Going Back Inside

chick in a snowy treeLike it or not, when you live on a farm and have animals, much of your day is spent outdoors, in all kinds of weather.

A cow eats 2 bales of hay each day and half a bale of straw for their bedding.  The chickens need grain and  you make more trips to the chicken coop to collect the eggs before they freeze. There is manure to haul and frequent checks to make sure the animals’ water supplies are not frozen.  Gathering firewood to keep the home fires burning warmly and pipes from freezing.

This daily workout in nature is a good thing if all goes well and you’re dressed for the weather.  It is a most wonderful feeling to come indoors as the evening lights are coming on to the smell the baking bread and mulled wine and to enjoy the evening at home.  Hope you will be able to visit us this winter and enjoy a little Thyme in the Country. Check out our Calendar for ideas on things to do this weekend.chix going to bed


chick in a snowy tree 



Who would have guessed it would be so Fantastic!

Last Weekend Hudson’s Basilica, a Huge Achitectural Relic near the waterfront in Hudson, put on a wonderful shopping venue. It was called “Farm and Flea”. Vendors with the most unique displays of their artisanal wares shared the space with food vendors and live music. It was perfect and hopefully they will do it again and again in the future. If you missed it and would like a glimpse of what it was like, click on the link below.

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Make new friends and Keep the old…..and save room in your car for a Xmas tree!

Christmas shopping, festival hopping,

country dinners and and crisp cold air.

A walk in the woods, making crafts by the fire,

a country weekend fortifier!

Christmas Thyme is a wonderful time to get together with friends  to enjoy all the special things that go on in our area. Come with friends,  reserve 2 rooms, stay 3 nights and the third night is free for each of you.


Christmas Special Coming up!

Looking for a place to relax and soak up some old fashioned Christmas spirit with your friends and family.  Bring them to our house!  We have it all ready for you,

Woodsey decor   looking for xmas spirit


Traditional Goodies christmas cookies





Traditional holiday gift making


box of candles

dip a beeswax candle

woodsey wreath making

woodsey wreath making
















Lots of shopping ops and historical celebrations

See Philmont Market and Cafe on Face Book

Many church bazaars happen this season

The Hawthorne Valley School Christmas Faire on December 7th,

and the newest shops on Warren St

Spruce Ridge Alpaca Farm Store Located  at 255 Warren Street, offers apparel made from the fiber of the farm’s own alpacas, raised in Old Chatham.

Cashmere in Hudson. at 502 Warren Street, offering the same beautiful things we’ve come to expect–hats, gloves, sweaters, scarves, wraps, and throws, all made from cashmere.


We will keep you updated so keep checking in or call us at 518-672-5623.


Fall Thyme in the Country-it’s not over yet!

Fall Thyme in the CountryWe are still in the midst of the most beautiful fall that we have had in years and there is still plenty of color so if you haven’t had an opportunity for an outdoor experience in the country consider some of these ideas:

Bike Ride the rail trail, picking up a rental bike at Bash Bish Cyclery and riding to Millerton, NY for lunch

Hiking in the Catskills on the Art Trail

Taking a cruise on the Hudson River on the Spirit of the Hudson

Watching the sun set over the Hudson from atop Olana

Eating seasonal fall foods at Fish and Game Restaurant or any of the other fabulous local Restaurants



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