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At last…Snow!

Not only does it hide a multitude of sins in this bleak late winter, but it's fun! and beautiful and right now it is plentiful.  The earth loves the blanket of snow protecting all that lies beneath it during the harsh freezing weather.  Lets hope it lasts and at the risk of seeming greedy, we are hoping that there might be more! There are many cross country skiing and snowshoeing opportunities, Art Omi (www.artomi.org) is only 3 miles away, and our back yard, even closer.  For a more complete Read more [...]

Who goes to a Christmas Tea?

You and the people you care about.  Young and old, men and women, friends and relatives. Those who wish, in our "Paper Cup" world,  to enjoy tea from a china cup at a table adorned with, silver, and linens, and tea time treats, reminding us fondly of earlier times. Those who enjoy a slower paced rythym, afternoon tea can be peaceful and serene Its not the tea itself that makes an afternoon tea so memorable, it is what happens when we take the time to enjoy the company of friends and family Read more [...]

Soapmaking…It all starts with the grass.

One thing leads to another.  I never imagined we would be making  our own soap on top of everything else.   But we use a lot of soap in the Bed and Breakfast and so Soapmaking has been added to our list of seasonal tasks.  If I stop to think about how and why certain tasks have become part of the work that we do here, almost all of them can be attributed to our 5 acres of grass. For many reasons we chose to get a cow instead of a lawnmower to keep the meadows open.  That lead to milk, lots Read more [...]

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! This is how our day went…

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Holiday Thyme Teas

Once Again...Winter is closing in,   The animals are ready for winter.  Their coats are thick and fluffy and the chickens are changing their egg laying habits to conserve the energy needed in the coming months. The cows are very frisky and seem to like the cold weather. At Thyme in the Country we are trying our best to enjoy the coming of winter  too.  Along with changing the clocks back to Eastern Standard Time; we are changing around the accoutrements within the house too. Read more [...]

Fall Harvest Thyme

Every day we are feeling the deepening of Fall here at Thyme in the Country. Calling the cows in for milking, the early morning light is a little dimmer and the air a bit chillier each day. Our gardens too are coming to the end of their season of abundance. Daily harvests have dwindled but  we still have an abundance of beautiful Kale and Swiss chard that seems to thrive on the cooler weather making it crisp and deep blue green in color.  Realizing the end of  these prolific greens is coming we Read more [...]

Nothing’s quite as pretty as the garden in the morning………

In Summer...., at the heart of our property lies our vegetable garden. No Photograph can quite describe its beauty at 6:00 on an August morning.  With a mist hovering over it and a flock of yellow Grosbeaks flying away from the Sunflowers.  The Thyme plants and the Mountain Mint are covered with bees.  It smells Devine.  The vegetables are showing off with their vibrant colors and robust shapes.           Now is the "Thyme" to come for a visit Read more [...]

Springtime Update from Thyme in the Country

Although we haven’t posted anything on our blog since winter, we haven’t been hibernating here at Thyme in the Country. We have literally been as busy as one armed paperhangers all winter fixing things that were broken, making improvements in the bedrooms and enhancements all around the house. We picked up on the subtle hints left by guests over the year and knew that the bedrooms needed renovating and with the Dairy and Farm projects finished we finally had time to spend in the House.   This Read more [...]

Got Milk!

Thyme in the Country is thrilled to announce that our dairy is now fully licensed and producing pure raw milk from our Dutch-Belted cows! This heritage breed is famous for legendary quality milk and butter, prized by New York restaurants and connoisseurs. Read more [...]

Advent Breakfast

Winter is closing in. The tree branches are bare, and the vegetable garden has been gleaned by both cows and chickens. Meadow grass is turning brown, and the cow barn is full of hay. We make the beds with flannel sheets now, and as the nights get shorter and colder, we start to feel the first twinges of excitement for the coming of Advent and the Christmas holidays, a happy, busy time of bringing in greens and dried herbs to decorate the house for the holiday season. Read more [...]